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Trust Journal:  

An electronic journal for the Trust is being created which will be sent out monthly (initially quarterly) to all our Donors, Students, Sponsors, Council of Friends, Researchers, Trustees, etc.


Donor publishers will be contacted later throughout 2013 to ask for review copies of books..


1. Scroll down for a  book list of some of the publishers we have previously reviewed.

2.  The first publishers to have been re-established are: 

Floris Books ,                          Princeton University Press.                   University of Washington  Press     

                                    State University of New York Press

3. The most recent reviews are: "The Last Pharaohs", "Rome: Day One",  "The Quest for Hermes Trismegistus" and "Serbia Since 1989"



Reviews Coming Soon  

The Rose Cross & The Age of Reason



Christopher McIntosh

published by: 

State University of New York Press



ISBN: 978-1-4384-3559-6.  $80. 00.   210 pages.   Hardback.   2011


forthcoming review:


Civilisations of  Ancient Iraq



Benjamin R.Foster & Karen Polinger Foster

published by: 

Princeton University Press



ISBN: 978-0-691149974  $18.95/£12.95.   310 pages.  Soft Back.   2010



Latest Reviews Published

Serbia Since 1989

Politics & Society Under Milosevic & After


 edited by Sabrina P. Ramet &  Vjeran Pavlokavic

published by:  University of Washington  Press 



ISBN: 978-0-295-9865000.  $34. 95.  446 pages.   Softback.   2006


The area of south-eastern Europe which is time became known as Yugoslavia, had never fulfilled its ethnic or national development due to external pressures. One might say that the settlement of the many tribes prior to ad 1000 was arrested by absorption into the empires of the north and south: the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empires (one Western and one middle Eastern).


The national aspiration of the peoples of south eastern Europe of the 19th. Century were expressed as the Turkish Empire was gradually roiled back: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia all gaining independence. That independence, and its long birth over centuries,  sometimes brought with it its own set of icons and mythologies which were to be used by political leaders for their own ends in the twentieth century.


But the tribal lands further north were still party of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1919. The Versailles Settlement which determined the borders of Europe and the carving up of the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires created some new countries, including that of: the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.  Absorbing all of what was to be later determined by Tito as the six republics of Yugoslavia. The unification pattern of this part of Europe had been one of a nationalist version of pan-Slavism: Greater Bulgaria,  Greater Serbia,  and Romania had expansionist hopes also. Eachj coveted to some extent tribal territories not their own.


The Second World War in effect exacerbated the tension between the Croats and the Serbs. Further complicated by the military and political machinations of the Allies.  After 1945, Tito was the one man who could weld them all together. He created a federated republic, independent of Moscow, which he formed with resolution and fairness, each part having a say. His legacy after his death was supposed to be a rotating presidency (as with the EU). However internal division, post-communist cliques, and the refusal of the Communist elite to yield any power spelt disaster.


The republics of Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovena, Montenegro, together with the two autonomous areas of Kosovo and Vojvodina, increasingly felt a process of centralisation from Belgrade.


This books accurately explains for us what happened. Few in western Europe know the very troubled background of Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe in general that lay beyond the outer appearance of cheap package holidays.  Once ethnic tensions re-emerged as the  Stalinist type clique in Belgrade jockeyed for control the Federation was doomed. Milosevic not only allowed this to happen but provoked a Pan-Serbian dominance to bolster his popularity in the Serb heartlands. Oppression, civil war, and ethnic cleansing followed.  Milosevic undermined and corrupted all that Toto had achieved.  


The authors take us through a range of complex issues with clarity for such a complex subject. This includes such matters as: the politics of the Orthodox Church; criminalisation of the free market; Party and nepotic  clique control of chunks of the economy, ethnic nationalism as a political tool; nepotism as state technique; revival of ethic suspicions, fears and false icons of the past; reversion to autocracy of the state; subversion of regional autonomy; internal power struggles; internal power struggles; war strategy and ethnic cleansing. They also help us understand political divisions; the final breakup of Yugoslavia; the degrading of women to state pawns of “motherhood” as well as the trial of Milosevic at the The Hague, and then Serbia after Milosevic,


The authors have presented us with a challenging, readable, and detailed documented investigation of a very complicated piece of modern European history. This will provide invaluable reference for future students, politicians and scholars. It is also a chilling reminder of the dangers of state manipulation of history, race, faith and enemy as a cover for power acquisition.



The Last Pharaohs


by J.G.Manning. 

 published by: Princeton University


ISBN: 978-0-691-135638-5  £19.95/$27.95.  264 pages.   Softback.   2012

The history of Ptolemaic Egypt can sometimes be difficult to assess. It falls between two stools: part of the Hellenistic world yet Egyptian stretching back millennia. This book, using latest archaeological technique combined with analysis of Ptolemaic documents, sets into a clear yet far ranging perspective the reality of Egypt in a 300 year span from the ancient to the Roman world. The Ptolemies however successfully managed both. They brought the skills, modernisation and organisation of the Greek/Macedonian world and then absorbed the traditions and culture of ancient Egypt to thereby continue their authority and legitimacy. Thus the Ptolemies ruled via the essence of Egypt. The book successfully bridges the gap for us between Alaxander and Caesar.

The Chapters are:

1:          Egypt ion the 1st. millennia.

2:          Historical understanding of the Ptolemaic state.

3:        Economic planning & state banditry;  moving beyond despotism;                     Ptolemaic Egypt as a pre-modern state.

4:          Shaping the new state the political economy of the Ptolemies.

5.          Creating a new economic order (economic life & policy under the Ptolemies)

6.          Order and law: shaping the law in a new state.

7.          Conclusions.


The Ptolemies reformed institutions, politics and economic structure of what was ancient Egypt so that it could in effect reinvent itself in a new world: the Hellenistic world. The old battle between East and West (Greece and Persia) was over. The new world was Hellenistic until an new contender arrived: Rome. Ultimately Egypt did  not survive as free stare. It was a different take over. Previously the ancient world was divided into spheres/territories by Alexander’s successors to create the last phase of the Hellenistic world.


The authors main arguments are as follows:

1. That the Ptolemies were very successful at reshaping the state and in spite of environmental, institutional and military threats succeeded in revenue capture.

2. They governed core territory by exercising power not over but through it.


The author gives us an excellent perspective in tracing the  1st. Millennium re. Egypt from the end of the New Kingdom to Assyrian invasion, the Saite restoration and then Persian rule. This tells us a great deal about the process form Ancient Egypt to the beginning of the Ptolemies.


The books also carefully considers oriental despotism/colonialism/monetarisation of Egypt, and the stages of state structure: 1: the continuation of Persian structure 323-305.

2.Equilibrium formation  and building of bureaucratic structure empire 323-220.

3. Institutional colonisation 250- 180

4.Rupture re-consolidation and Rome’s take over 217-30.


A wide range of other issue as to how Ptolemaic Egypt functioned, progressed and survived are also considered such as: Political organisation; coalition; political process of the take over; priestly acceptance; capture of kingship; capture of the Theban establishment and priestly institutions; new settlements; State and individual; Tax farming reforms; Technology; Legal traditions; Codification; Ptolemies as shapers of law; Legislation;  Rules of precedence; Receipts and registration; Adjudication.


 He shows how by tenacity and reform Egypt was reborn and despite a changing world survived for over 300 more years. The Hellenistic world and Egyptian tradition and core were successfully merged.

(this review is  © Stephen B. Cox Trust) 


Rome : Day One


by Andrea Carandini.  published by: Preinceton University

ISBN: 978-0-691-13922-7.  $24. 95..  172pages.   Hard Back.   2011


We have been led to believe that myth was imagination, fanciful. Robert Graves advised caution and more respect. Then Henrich Schliemann in the 1870’s came along and proved that the Trojan War and Troy was not myth but history. Since historians have pushed back dates of ancient and prehistoric civilisations an d buildings by centuries and even millennia. Thus I believe we are now in any age of rediscovery of our past, our origins our ancestors. We are reappraising myth as a key to lost aspects of our history and demolishing blind stereotypes. It is in this way that the author adds to the important work of rediscovery of who we are and where we came from.

We have been taught for centuries that the founding of Rome by Romulus and the existence of his brother Remus was merely fanciful stuff. Not so cogently argues the author! The argument backed up by painstaking research, primary sources and archaeological digs is that Romulus was an historical character and founded Rome in a ceremony on the 21st of April 753 bce in which a white ball and cow ploughed the soil to mark the boundary of the new sacred-the Palatine Wall.

I: introduction- first thoughts. And epochal event to. The site of Rome by before Rome. The places of Rome. Remus and Romulas and the Kings of Alba Longa.

II: The Palatine. The preliminary rights on the Aventine. The blessing of the Aventine. Who will founding of Rome. Qua drata.

III: the founding of the Forum, Capitol and citadel. Forum. Capitolium & Arx.

IV: Ordering of the Regnum or Constitutio Romul. Ordering of Time. Order of Space and M

We need to reappraise our view of the sequence of time and emergence of phases of our development: Rome is as real as Athens. Silbury Hill is older than the Pyramids, and so on. If we step outside of our self imposed biblical-type linear indoctrination of history a rich unfolding beckons us. The eighth century bce was the time of the arrival of the city state. But settlement and civilisation of course came long before that. The area of the Captolium had been settled since at least the forts half of the second millennium bce. So Rome did grow prior to its founding as expressed in the myth. But a founding there was. A new beginning, or emergence of a ew form of societal structure (for the area of and settlement of Rome) : the city state with a sense of nationhood and destiny. It was the beginning of rites and ceremonies and institutions in public places and religiosity not just limioted to the hearth, clan, family. Peoplke in furure were to define their very nature and existence as by “Rome” and Rome was “created” in that context as a thing by Romulus. Though Romulus killed Remus the concept of duality continued as was later expressed as the tradition of the dual Consuls for one year.

The Trojan connection was introduced later- in the 6th century. The author takes us to examine the Trojan connection; the line of ancestry of Romulus and Remus; the symbolism of the hills and the imposition of “authority” on the settlement that had preceded their time. He also examines the origin and place of the Auguries; the establishment of the Temple; the territory of the Alba Longa; and the method of boundary making and the boundary stone. Beyond this we are given an understanding of the reconstruction of building of the time. The House of The Vesta; the sanctuary of Vulcan; the division into three Tribes;(Ramieres; Tienes; Luceres). The death of Remus is discussed, as are Latin and Etruscan enemies, and the House of the King and the procedures creating a sanctuary and the blessing of the Palatine.

Much of what came later in what we know and accept of Rome makes more sense because of this book. It offers us an understanding of the tribal, cosmic and historic essence of the very idea of “Rome” at its inception. The author has laid a important foundation stone in the new house of understanding of human history.



(this review is  © Stephen B. Cox Trust)




The Quest For Hermes Trismegistus

by Gary Lachman


published by: Floris Books  ISBN: 978-086315-798-1     

£16. 99/$24.95      248pages.       Soft Back.  2011     

                    " He was said by Iamblichus to be the author of over twenty thousand books- bizarre exaggeration or a metaphor? For such is a fragment of the multi-faceted  mystery of the “thrice great” as he was known. The matter of Hermes Trismegistus has been a complex and confusing one to the Western mind for over two thousand years. Was he a manifestation of the Greek god Hermes, or Egyptian Thoth, or a myth? A sage? A composite figure? A hoax? A legend? A body of knowledge written by others? A pseudonym used over the centuries to refer to a tradition? Finally here is a book which lays out clearly the facets, origins and reality of this spiritual Western phenomenon and which traces for us the historical impact and influences from the Alexandria of 4th. century BC Egypt through to our own time.                                          

           In seven chapters (The Hermetic Quest; Religion of the Mind; Out of Egypt; When Thoth Met Hermes; Emerald Tablets; Dignity of Man; Hermnes in the Underworld; Hermes Rising)   Gary Lachman considers the implications of Hermes Trismesgistus in the unfolding of Western and Middle Eastern spirituality and philosophy and magick, such as the Pagans of 9th. century Baghdad, the 17th. Century European Enlightenment, Renaissance Italy, the Florence of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici, Rosicrucians, modern day freemasonry amongst others. It is a bewildering tale which has many twist and turns which Lachman considers ot only in its historical but also cultural an and philosophic connections across time.                                                

                He also helps us unravel the development of hermecticism, Gnosticism, and connections across the ages to such seminal and initiatory characters as Rudolf Steiner, G.I.Gurdjieff,  Giordano Bruno, Marcilio Ficino, Pico Mirandolla, Cornelius Agrippa, Robert Fludd, Dr.John Dee, and Athansius Kircher.     

                Hermecticism was once a most powerful influence on many aspects of Western religious experience, science, philosophy, and spirituality. It was also a conduit and a symbol through which much arcane tradition and knowledge has flowed from ancient times. Today it is hardly known at all. Yet its influence is seen, albeit hidden, in many field of modern western civilisation. Lachman has done a singular service to undertake this research and thus to reveal and help restore this important phenomenon. The striving of soul and spirituality in life as a manifestatio of our own self-evolution is one to be desired for the benefit of us all and of the planet. "

(this review is  © Stephen B. Cox Trust)



Past Reviews

(note: this section is being updated)

Some of the books we have previously reviewed include the following:


MAYA COSMOGENESIS 2012  John Major-Jenkins.                              Bear & CO.   

    $20. 425pages .S-back. 1998.   isbn: 1-879181-48-7)    

THE FIRST PUNIC WAR    J.F.Lazenby                                                  Univ.College of London   

    £12.95.  205pages. S-back.  1996 .  isbn 1-85728-136-5 

EUROPEAN SECURITY IN THE 1990's:   W.Laqueur/L.Sloss .             Plenum    

     39.50.  214pages. hardback. 1998.  isbn: 0-306-43442-3)  

LLEWELLYNs WITCHES CALENDAR 1999.                                       Llewellyn   

    20$.   isbn 1-56718-945-8                               

MASS HATE:      Neil J.Kressel    .                                                                Plenum     

    ($22. 95.    1996.   340-pages.hardback.    isbn: 0-306-45271-5)    

CELTIC BEASTS Courtney Davis (with Dennis O’Neil.                                Blandford   

     £ 16.99  96pages. Hardback. 1999.      isbn: 0-7137-2727-6)     

THE ATLANTIS ENIGMA   :  Herbie Brennan                                            Piatkus.    

    £ 16.99   202pages.  Hardback .  1999.   Isbn: 0-7499-10965-5). 

FINNISH MAGIC          Robert Nelson Phd.                                                   Llewellyn    

    (Us$ 7.95.  171pages. S-back.  1999       isbn 156718-489-8).

AMERICAN FOLK MAGICK :    Silver Ravenwolf.                                       Llewellkn.    

    ($14.95.  291 pages.  S.Back. 1998. isbn 1-56718-720-X). 

SEX, MAGICK & SPIRIT: B/ Johnstone/P.Schuermanan.                              Llewellyn   

    .$17.95.  201pages.  S/back.1998. Isbn 1-56718-378-6 

LLEWELLYN’S MAGICAL ALMANAC 1999 :                                             Llewellyn

    ($6.95.  342pages.  S/back. 1999. Isbn 1-56718-950-4). 

SUN SIGN BOOK 1999                                                                                 Llewellyn.    

    $6.95 445pages. S-back  1998    isbn: 1-56718-942-3    

THE RUNE ORACLE  :     Nigel Jackson & Silver Ravenwolf                          Llewellyn.

     ($26.95. 25Cards +  256page book.   1999.  Isbn 1-56718-364-6)   


THE UNIVERSE IN FOCUS   :        Stuart Clark                                              Cassell.

  ( £12.99   128pages. S.Back.   1999.  Isbn:0-304-35025-7) 


HOLY PLACES OF CELTIC BRITAIN  :     Mick Sharp                                   Blandford.  

        (£14.99    192pages.   S.Back. 1993. Isbn 0-7137-2792-6). 


THE LOST BOOKS OF MERLYN :    Douglas Monroe                                    Llewellyn.

    ($14.95.    409pages.   S.Back. 1998. Isbn 1-57718-471-5). 


ANGELS, FAIRIES & NATURE SPIRITS  :       William Bloom Phd               Piatkus Books    

        (£8.99    166pages.   Soft Back. 1998. Isbn 0-7499-1904-3). 


PARANORMAL SOURCE BOOK    :   Jennie Randles                                    Piatkus Books

    £9.99    261pages.   Soft Back. 1998. Isbn 0-7499-1884-5). 


WITCHES DATEBOOK 2000    :                                                                      LLewellyn.

        ($9.95    44pages.   Softback spiral bound. 1999. Isbn 0-56718-952-0).


ÓˆSMÁL    : Gudrun Kristun Magnusdottir                                                             Freyja's Cats

        ($15.95    216pages.A4   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 9979-60-165-5). 



THERAPEUTIC TOUCH INNER WORKBOOK    :    Dolores Krieger Ph.D       Bear. 

    ($14.00    205pages.   S.Back. 1997. Isbn 1-879181-39-8.  


ANIMAL MAGICK   :    D.J.Conway                                                                           Llewellyn.

(£13.95    277pages.   S.Back.  1998. Isbn 1-56718-168-6) . 


GREEN WITCHCRAFT II    :     Ann Moura (Aoumiel)                                            Llewellyn

(£12.95    248pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 1-56718-689-0). 


HANDBOOK FOR HEROES    :     Barefoot Doctor                                                Piatkus Books

(£9.99    225pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-7499-1981-7). 


LIFE After DEATH & The WORLD BEYOND  : Jenny Randles/Peter Hough     Piatkus Books.

(£12.99   174pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-7499-1802--0)


AURORA    :     Harald Falk-Ytter                                                                              Floris

 £12. 99    143pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-86315-287-2). 


OEDIPUS VARIATIONS   :     Karl Kerényi & James Hillman                             Spring

($15.    169pages.   S.Back. 1995.  Isbn 0-88214-219-4).  


LIFE ON MARS    :     Paul Chambers                                                                    Blandford.

(£16. 99    222pages.   H.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-7137-2747-0)  


MYTHICAL LOVER5S/DIVINE DESIRES    Sarah Bartlett                                  Blandford

(£16.99    175pages.   H.Back. 1998. Isbn 0-7137--2718-7).  


TEENWITCH  : SilverRavenwolf                                                                              Llewellyn

(Us$ 1.95  251pages. S-back. 1998.      isbn: 156718725-0)  


THE MIDDLE PILLAR   : Israel Regardie                                                                Llewellyn. 

Us$ 14.95   274pages.  S-back .  1998.   Isbn: 1-56718-140-6). 

THE SECRETS OF SEX MAGICK Frater U: D:                                                       Llewellyn

(Us$ 17.95.  222 pages. S-back.  1995       isbn 0-87542-773-1).. 


INSIDE A MAGICAL LODGE : John Michael Greer                                               Llewellyn.

 (Us$17.95.  339 pages.  S.Back. 1998. isbn 1-56718-314-X). 


MODERN SEXMAGICK : Donald Michael Kraig.                                                  Llewellyn

Us$17.95.  378 pages.  S/back. 1998. Isbn 156718394-8). 


THE MAGICK OF SEX : Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips                             Llewellyn.

$6.95. 275pages.  S/back. 1982. Isbn:0-87542-192-X). 


SAINT PATRICK : Courtney Davis                                                                           Blandford.

(£18.99  128pages  Hardback 1999.  Isbn:0-7137-2674-1) 


GYPSY DREAM DICTIONARY   : Raymond Buckland                                          Llewellyn.

(Us$7.95   228pages. S.Back.   1999.  Isbn:1-56718-090-6) 


CELTIC ORACLES :  Rosemarie Anderson PhD                                                 Piatkus Books

(£8.99   247pages.   S.Back      1998. Isbn:0-7499-1940-X)  


MAGICKAL,MYTHICAL,MYSTICALBEASTS  : DJConway                                    Llewellyn

($14.95.    260pages.   S.Back. 1996. Isbn: 1-56718-176-7). 


MEDITATION  : BillAnderton                                                                                       Piatkus

(£5.99.    119pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn:  0-7499-1871-3). 


TIAMAT'S BROOD    :    Alastair McBeath                                                                 Dragons Head

$10.99    214pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-9524387-5-5. 


LORD OF LIGHT AND SHADOW  : D.J.Conway                                                   Llewellyn

$14.95    227pages.   S.Back.  1997. Isbn 1-56718-177-5) . 


ANGELMAGIC  :  GeoffreyJames                                                                             Llewellyn

(£12.95    199pages.   S.Back. 1997. Isbn 1-56718-368-9). 


 A LOVER'S GUIDE TO MASSAGE: RogerW.Hicks and Victoria Day                 Wardlock

(£12.95    80pages.   H.Back. 1996. Isbn 0-7063-7512-2). 

EARTH  DIVINATION, EARTH MAGIC : John Michael Greer                                 Llewellyn

($12.95   224pages.  S.Back.  1999. Isbn 1-56718-312-3).  


AURORA :  Harold Falk-Yatter                                                                                     Floris.

(£12.99    143pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-86395-287-2). 


FEARY WICCA TAROT  :  Kisma K. Stepanich                                                         Llewellyn

($29.95   419pages.   Box. 1999. Isbn: 1-56718-696-3). 


COMPLETE BOOK OF TAROT  : Cassandra Eason                                              Piatkus

£10. 99    250pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-7499-2019-X). 


FENG SHUI JOURNEY  :  Jon Sandifer                                                                   Piatkus

£12.99    214pages.   S.Back. 1999.  Isbn 0-7499-1960-4). 


YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY : RuthWhite                                                              Piatkus

(£8.99    150pages.   S.Back. 1995. Isbn 0-7499-1903-5) 


HEAVEN' S UNEARTHED  : Matt Kane                                                                                    Golden Egg Books.

 ($24     308pages.   H.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-9667076-1-3). 


TAROT  : Cassandra Eason                                                                                                     Piatkus

(£5.99     150pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 0-7499-1872-1).


GODS MEN AND HEROES :Dallas Museum                                                             University of Washington Press

(144pages.   S.Back. 1997. Isbn 0-936227-18-4).  


EARTH POWER : Scott Cunningham                                                                                        Llewellyn.

($9.95     153pages.   S.Back. 1997. Isbn 0-87542-121-0). 


THE MAGICIAN' S REFLECTION   : Bill Whitcomb                                                                    Piatkus.

(£24.95    309pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn:  1-56718-814-1).  


David. R.Harris  594pages.   S.Back.1996.   Isbn0-87542-121-0).                                      Univ. College of London Press.

FENG SHUI :  Jon Sandifer                                                                                                      Piatkus

(£5.99    150pages.   S.Back. 1999.  Isbn 0-7499-1870-5). 


PAGAN MEDITATIONS :   Ginette Paris                                                                                   Spring

 (£19     1204pages.   S.Back. 1997. Isbn 0-88214-330-1).  


DREAMER OF THE DAY :  Kevin Coogan                                                                    Autonomedia

 ($16.95     644PAGES.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 1-57027-039-2).  


HERBAL ALMANAC YEAR 2000 :                                                                                 Lllewellyn

($6.95.19     320pages.   S.Back. 2000. Isbn 1-567218-961-X).  

IN PRAISE OF THE CRONE : Dorothy Morrison                                                                        Llewellyn

($14.95     239pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 1-56718-468-5). 


THE GODDESS PATH : Patricia Monaghan                                                                             Llewellyn

($14.95     243pages.   S.Back. 1999. Isbn 1-56718-467-7). 

THE GODDESS COMPANION : Patricia Monaghan                                                  Llewellyn

(400pages.   S.Back. 2000. $17.95  Isbn 1-56718-462-4).   


THE ANCIENT COOKFIRE : Carrie L'Esperance                                                                       Bear & Co.

(267pages.   S.Back.  2000. $18.  Isbn 1879181-51-7).            


HEALERS AND HEALING   : Roy Stenman                                                                              Piatkus

(234pages.   S.Back.  1999. £8. 99p.   Isbn:  0-7499-1942-6).          

THE GOLDEN CAULDRON   : Nicki Scully                                                                 Bear & Co   

(254pages.   S.Back.  1999.  $14. 95.  Isbn 0-939680-78-5).

WESTERN WARFARE IN THE AGE OF THE CRUSADES  John France                Univ.College of London Press

 (327pages.   S.Back. 1999  Isbn 1-85728-407-4).


AIKIDO FOR SELF DISCOVERY: Stan Wrobel, Ph.D.                                               Llewellyn

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IN THE GREAT GOD’S HAIR:      F.W. Bain                                                                             Watkins Books