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The writings of Stephen B. Cox comprise are in three distinct forms: The writings also include philosophy/ethics


1.     Books/booklets published with an ISBN (see below)

2.       Booklets published without ISBN (mainly previously released as guides for students and members)

3.       Articles.

4.       Websites.

5.       Baelder Journal (all written by S.B.Cox except where credited (see note on pseudonyms)

6.       Lectures (in two forms:(a)  Masonic and (b) Other


Books by Stephen B. Cox:

(with ISBN)

The English Long Bow (Stephen B. Cox)                      (1-872543-46-4)

Freyr's Oceanic Western Kingdom                              (1-872543-56-1)

Western Martial Arts                                                  (1-872543-22-7)

Baelder's Book of Pagan Festivals                               (1-872543-06-5)

The Third Reich Runic Revival                                    (1-872543-70-7) 

Spartanus                                                                 (1-872543-95-2)

Greek Sports & Military Training                                  (1-872543-28-6)

Autonomis                                                                 (1-872543-60-X)

Blood- A Vampyric Bibliography                                  (1-872543-91-X)

Englefield - A Pastoral Itinerary Through History           (1-872543-11-1)

The Fly Agaric (Stig Wolfton)                                         (1-872543-01-4)

The Four Great Celtic Festivals (Carl Wansdyke)            (1-872543-12-X)

The Four Solar Festivals (Carl Wansdyke)                      (1-872543-07-3)

Wayland Wonder Smith of th Gods (Julian D'Arble)         (1-872543-25-1)

The Berserkers (Sven Harnesson)                                  (1-872543-41-3)

Baelder's Book of Runic Guidance 1 (Garth Kelston)       (1-872543-55-3)

Swastika Lost Sign of Freemasonry (Lance Severn)          (1-873543-85-5)

The Thule Society (Damian Boydbearn)                         (1-872543-89-8)

Runic Body-Work (Jason Bridgehead)                            (1-872543-61-8)

Norse Gods Dictionary                                                 (1-872543-40-5)

 Nature, Magick and Being                                            (1-872543-53-7)

The Chronicles of Timon                                               (1-872543-54-5)

Uncraeft                                                                      (1-872543-87-1)



all works are copyright by Stephen B. Cox and are registered with ALCS