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Growing up in a village (on the edge of a small town between Bath and Bristol) in the valley beneath the southern final sweep of the Cotswold Hills provides a rich ground for humour, nostalgia, social commentary, social history, anecdote and much more.

 Approximately half a century have passed since those unspoilt, carefree, traditional days of childhood (1950-1960) and it seems a whole world away. I go back to my native area every week for a day. Much has changed but some things endure- usually as snippets among a newer material and mass produced landscape.

 In late 2009 I started writing on these matters. So far around two dozen stories of various aspects of life then have been commenced, and add to each as and when memories pop up from deep in the recesses of my little grey cells. Not many have been completed. These are:

I.   Warmley House. 

II.   Secret of the Middle Playground. 

III.   Holy Day Holidays 

IV.  Old Tom and His Horse 

V. Going Upstream

VI. Adventures of the Brook

VII. Warmley Church

VIII. Joan The Egg

IX. The Tump

x.  Our Road


Subjects in progress are:

11)  Village Characters;              12)  Grimsbury Farm;      

13)  Neptunes Statue;                  14) The Strange Stone;      

15) Fog and Moon;                       16)   Warmley Railway  

17)  Hay Harvest;                          18)  The School Play;   

19) Whitsun Parade;                    20)  The Horizon.              

21)  Coronation Day                     22)  Mr. Deavin;           

23) Colliery Castle;                       24) Bonfire Night;             

25) The Old Dram Road;             26) Rodway Common;

27) The Swimming Baths;           28) The Horizon;               

29) The Art Expedition.                30) Coronation Street Party;   

31) The Coal Shaft;                      32) Barrs Court.     

33) The Common                         34)  Dams and Dangerous Water.  

35) Foreign Villages                    36) Flooded Field Ice Skating 


It is envisaged that each of these stories will be published. They have potential for great public appeal. They hold nostalgia for those of the appropriate age, fascination for those of a younger age. They are a record of people and places, times and society which are unique and would otherwise be lost.