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The Aims of The Trust Shall Be As Follows




1.  To conserve, expand and house His Library.


2.   To conserve His Writings.


3.   To preserve and disseminate His Philosophy and His Teachings.


4.   To conserve His Artworks.


5.   To publish his writings; his teachings; and to exhibit his art works.


6.   To sometimes offer workshops, lectures, courses, vacation schools etc.


7.   To protect all copyright and royalties of art works and writings.


8   To offer Scholarships and Grants (see Document 3) to worthy individuals for research etc in the spirit of S. B. Cox.


 9.    To encourage research & conservation & restoration of Britain's nature/landscape,  and animals..


10.   To do the same re. the historical places,.


11.   And likewise its traditions, heritage, customs, folklore, spirituality etc.


12.  To encourage and teach individuals to live and practice in the spirit of His Philosophy and Spiritual Guides.


13.   To establish a Centre  & land for the above to take place.


13(b)   To purchase a suitable property for the same.




 The Stephen Cox Plan


 That which follows is devised as a running plan during the Founder’s lifetime.Until such time as the application is made to the Charity Commissioners, this Plan shall be modified and improved accordingly.  


1.     Stephen Cox shall have all authority with regards to the Trust during his lifetime within the proviso of the Founding Document/Charity Deed and the Goals of the Trust.


2.     He shall make a quarterly report to The Board of Trustees on his creative/educational & other relevant Trust activities, and also all activities undertaken by him with regards to the Trust.


3.     He shall attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and Board Meetings shall not be quorate without him.


4.     In his lifetime Stephen Cox shall be sole signatory to the Bank Account of The Trust. Until a Board Meeting determines otherwise there shall be no overdraft facility for this account.


5.     Until such times as Stephen Cox decides to appoint an assistant or director or staff, he shall run all activities of The Trust. Cox Plan (procedures for the ongoing/daily work of the Trust). He shall do this voluntarily & unpaid.


6.     The Founder shall operate all the goals and activities of the Trust  at his sole discretion providing that no financial or other commitments or activities are entered into which shall jeopardise the well being/ legitimacy of the Trust; likewise that  it shall remain independent, and non political.


7.     The Founder shall make arrangements for such matters as Scholarships,  Volunteers,  Research projects, Publications, Seminars, etc etc without recourse to or authorisation from the Board, though any activity as such which is newly initiated for the first time the Trustees shall be advised.

8.    No asset, copyright, material, or any other property or rights shall be let, or sold, hired, disposed of or assigned by him, or anyone purporting to act for him. Any rights or publishing or other arrangements shall first have the approval of the Board..


9.     There shall be a Society or Council of Friends to help support and finance its work. These “members” shall have special privileges with regards to special events and meetings in recognition of their support.


10.   If by the time of his death an application has not been made to the Charity Commissioners for Charitable Status then The Trustees shall make such application and submit a Trust Deed under the guideline constituted by him for such a Deed to protect all aspects of the Trust envisioned by Stephen Cox.


11.   Stephen Cox shall make provision in his Last Will and Testament with regards to his Private Estate for that Estate to pass to The Trust.


12.   Upon his death his Library, Art-works, and all Writings and other Collections as well as his entire estate shall pass into the Trust.