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The following shall be regarded as suitable subjects/activities for a Scholarship or grant from the Trust:


1.     To write works on the life, philosophy, achievements, of Stephen Cox.


2.      To record, and/or make studies of his Art.


3.       To research and document and make studies of folk traditions and customs, legends etc in the area where he was born and brought up.


4.        To compose projects/assessments on solving current problems in society or nature based on the ethics and philosophy of Stephen Cox.


5.        To construct teaching programmes and curricula based on the ethics and philosophy of Stephen Cox..


6.        To document/research an aspect of English folklore, legend, mythology, not previously undertaken.


7.         To compose music inspired by English heritage, traditions, landscape, customs, in a genre or style of which he would approve.


8.        To undertake research on local history in Berkshire or in Kingswood. & South Gloucestershire, or Dartmoor.


9.        To restore or to research restoration of an English craft or tradition or custom.


10.       Likewise to restore or research restoration of extinct species.