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The Library began as the personal book collection of Stephen Cox many years ago, based around art, art history, architecture, history. Books on other subjects reflecting his love of and commitment to European heritage, tradition and civilisation were then gradually added. In the period 1992-2005 the library was also extended by donations from many students and scholars and publishers, as well as a substantial amount by the founder.

In recent years the Library has been reconstituted and dramatically extended by Stephen Cox. In particular the Departments on Folklore;   Folk Song;   Folk Dance;   Freemasonry,   Renaissance Symbolism & Philosophy,   History of Art and Architecture,   Hermetics,    English Language history development & dialects,     Anthroposophy,     and  Alchemy, have been created and expanded by the Founder.

Current Situation:

The Library, having been neglected for 5 years, and then moved to the county of Wiltshire in late 2011, is now slowly going through a major overhaul, and inventory updating process. This will take a year or so.

Also new subject/shelf dividers are being constructed with printed subject labels, and a major programme and adding more bookcases to cope with donations and expansion of the library.

New Subjects (2013/14)


The Library is constantly expanding and additional subjects/ and sub-themes being added. Recent extensions include:

English Place Names;     The English Village.      English Mummer Plays;      English Dialects.      The Invisible College/Royal Society,      Sacred Geometry,       Folk Tales;     History of the English Language;     Morris Dancing.    . Patrons of the Renaissance.     History of the English Language.,   North Wiltshire History.        C.G.Jung.     Steiner/Anthroposophy.     Teilhard/Dobzhansky.         Symbolism/Archetypes/Individuation.      Blavatsky/Theosophy.       Masonic Mythology.       Gurdjieff/P.D.Ouspensky.       Roscicrucian.      Renaissance Artists.     Architecture Symbolic/Hermetic. The Renaissance.

New subjects Oct.2014:

D1c3: History- Hittites;  D1c4:History- Sumer;   D1c5: History- Babylon.

V6: Alternative History/Mystery- General;    V7:  Alternative History/Mystery-Egypt.

E6b: Evolution-Language;  E6c: Evolution-Homo Britannicus ; E9:Evolutuon- Genes.

Trust & Library Journal:  An electronic journal for the Trust is being created which will be sent out monthly (initially quarterly) to all our Donors, Students, Sponsors, Council of Friends, Researchers, Trustees, etc.

Donor publishers 

The first publisher to have been re-established is Floris Books . Since then, the State University of New York Press; Princeton University Press; and University of Washington  have also joined us.

Library Updates

The latest items to be added to the Trust library are as follows: 

113 Items added period ending 24 November 2014.

9845. Guide to Freshwater Fish (P.S.Maitland/K.Linsell). Philips.2006. 272p.             donor: S.B.Cox (G)

9846. Britain’s Freshwater Fishes (Mark Everard) Wild Guides. 2013. 144pages.     donor: S.B.Cox (G)    

9847. Coldwater Fishes (Dick Mills) Salamander. 1984. 116pages.                              donor: S.B.Cox (G)    

9848. Coldwater Fishkeeping (Andrew Eade)  Ring Press. 1999. 79pages.              donor: S.B.Cox (G)   

9849. Encyclopaedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish (D.Alderton). D.K. 2011. 400.      donor: S.B.Cox (G)

9850. World Freshwater Fish/River Creatures (Gilpin/Schmid-Araya).Hermes’11.256p. donor: S.B.Cox (G)

9851. Symbols & Allegories in Art (Mathilde Battistini). Getty. 2004. 384pages.    donor: S.B.Cox (H5c)  

9852. Secret Power of Masonic Symbols  (Robert Lomas) Fair Winds. 2011. 272p.  donor: SBCox (H5c)

9853. English Fairy Tales & Legends  (Rosalind Krven) National Trust. 2008. 198p. donor: S.B.Cox (C16)   

9854. Henge World (Mike Pitts) Arrow. 2001.  409pages.                                             donor: S.B.Cox (D4)

9855. The Swerve-How The Renaissance Began (S. Greenblatt) Vintage. 2012.356p. donor:SBC(B6c)

9856. The Classical Heritage (R.R.Bolgar) Cambridge Univ. 1958.  492p.                  donor: S.B.Cox (B6c)  

9857. Life of Joseph Smith (F.M.Brodie) Vintge. 1995. 520p                                         donor: S.B.Cox (H1)

9858. Lost Symbols-Secrets of Washington DC(D.Ovason) Arrow.2009.636p  donor: S.B.Cox (B1b8)  

9859. Secret Language Churches & Cathedrals    (R.Stemp) DBP 2010. 224p         donor: S.B.Cox (B5b)   

9860. Egypt: Tachnology/Medicene/Maths/Astronomy (ed.J.Hall). 2014. 206p.   donor: SB.Cox (D1c1)   

9861. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt  (I.Shaw) Oxford Univ. 2003. 525p     donor: S.B.Cox (D1c1)  

9862. Rose & Fall of Ancient Egypt (T.Wilkinson) Bloomsbury. 2010. 646p           donor: S.B.Cox (D1c1)  

9863. Aliens in Ancient Egypt (X.Haze) Bear. 2013. 296p                                            donor: S.B.Cox (V6)   

9864. Ancient Egypt 39,000bce (E.F.Malkowski) Bear. 2010. 299p.                            donor: S.B.Cox (V6)  

 9865. The Sphinx Mystery (R. & O.Temple) Inner Traditions. 2009. 565p.                donor: S.B.Cox (V6)

9866. The Orion Mystery (R.Bauval/A.Gilbert) Manmdarin. 1994. 350p.                   donor: S.B.Cox (V6)

9867. Egypt’s Nile Is Alive (E.Dixon) 1st.World. 2013. 400p.                                        donor: S.B.Cox (V6)  

9868. The Sirius Connection (M.Hope) Element. 1997. 251p.                                      donor: S.B.Cox (V6)   

9869. The Pyramid Quest (R.M.Schoch/R.A.McNally) Tarcher. 2005. 368p.             donor: S.B.Cox (V6)  

9870. Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt (C.Dunn) Bear. 2010. 357p.                      donor: S.B.Cox (V6)   

9871. The Secret of the Hittites (C.W.Ceram) Phoenix. 1956. 292p.                       donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9872. The Hittites & Their World (B.J.Collins) S.B.L. 2004. 257p                             donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9873. The Hittites-People of a 1000 Gods (Collins) 1977. 317p                                donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9874. The Hittites-Story of a Forgotten Empire (A.H.Sayce) Elibron. 2005. 168p   donor: SBCox (D1c3)

9875. Hattusha- Day in Life of Hittites Capital (J.Seeher) Yalinlari. 2011. 196p     donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9876. A-Z of the Hittites (C.Burney) Sacxrecrow. 2010. 365p.                                  donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9877. The Hittites And Their Contemporaries (J.G.Macqueen). T&H. 2013. 176p     donor: S.B.Cox (D1c3)

9878. ForbiddenHistory-Prehist.Tech/Origins/ETs (ed.J.D.Kenyon) Bear.2005.232p  donor: SBCox (V7) 

9879. Forgotten Civilisation (R.M.Schoch) Inner Tradition. 2012. 355p                      donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9880. Peoples of the Sea (I.Velikovsky) Book Club. 1977. 261p                                    donor: S.B.Cox (V7)  

9881. The Minoan World (Arthur Cotterell) M.Jospeph. 1979. 191p.                     donor: S.B.Cox (D1a2)   

9882. Minoan Crete- Mart/Religion/.Palaces (L.I.Hatzifoti) M.Toubis. 2005. 125.  donor: SBCox (D1a2)

9883. The Destruction of Knossos (H.E.L. Mellersh) Barnes & Noble.1970. 205p  donor:S.B.Cox (D1a2)     

9884. The Bull of Minos (Leonard Cotterell)  Sutton. 2003. 254p.                           donor: S.B.Cox (D1a2)

9885. Minoan Civilisation (S.Alexiou) Heraklion. 1969. 182p.                                  donor: S.B.Cox (D1a2)   

9886. Spiritual Techn Ancient Egypt (E.F.Malkowski) Inner Traditions. 2007. 426p    donor: SBCox (V6) 

9887. The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America (R.J.Dewhurst) Bear. 2014. 357p          donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9888. Before Atlantis- 20 Million Yrs Human Culture (R.Joseph) Bear. 2013. 312p.   donor: SBCox (V7)

 9889. From The Ashes of Angels-Fallen race Legacy (A.Collins) Signet. 448p.         donor: S.B.Cox (V7) 

9890. Genesis Revisited- Prehistoric Sciences (Z.Sitchin) Avon. 1990. 343p.             donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9891. The Gods of Eden (W.Bramley) Avon. 1993. 505p.                                            donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9892. Ages In Chaos (I.Velikovsky) Sidgwick & Jackson. 1977. 350p.                          donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9893. Ramses II & His Time (I.Velikovsky) Sidgwick & Jackson. 1978. 270p.             donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9894. Dawn of Genius-Minoan Super Civilisation (A.Butler)Watkins.2104.234p   donor: SB.Cox (D1a2)

9895. Lost Empire of Atlantis (G.Menzies) Swordfish. 2010. 374p.                        donor: S.B.Cox (D1a2)

9896. The Lost Civilization Enigma (P. Coppens) New Page. 2013. 319.p                donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9897. Civilization One Prehistoric Measurement (C.Knight) Watkins. 2010. 258.     donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9898. The Secret History of the World (J.Black) Quercus. 2008. 603p.                       donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9899. The Velikovsky Heresies (L.Scranton) Bear. 2012. 152p                                    donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9900. Forbidden Religion-Suppressed Heresies (ed.J,D.Kenyon) Bear.2006. 308p   donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9901. Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (C.Hapgood) Adventures Unlimited 1996.316p  donor: SBC (V7)

9902, Lost Race of the Giants (P.Chouinard) Bear. 2013.  200p.                                 donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9903. Secret Chamber- Hall of Records Quest (R.Bauvall)  Century.1999. 433p.       donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9904. Before The Pharaohs (E.F.Malkowski) Bear. 2006. 324p                                   donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9905. Atlantis & Other Lost Worlds (Frank Joseph) Arcturus. 2014. 384p               donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)

9906. Before The Pyramids (C.Knight & A.Butler) Watkins. 2011. 271p.                   donor: S.B.Cox (V6)

9907. From Atlantis To The Sphinx (Colin Wilson) Virgin. 1996. 415p.                   donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)

9908. The Lost Colonies of Ancient America (F.Joseph). New Page. 2014. 314p     donor: S.B.Cox (V7b)

9909. Genes Giants Monsters & Men (J.P.Farrell) Feral House. 2011. 245p              donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9910. Atlantis The Antediluvian World (Ignatius Donnelly) Amazon. 265p              donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)

9911. The Atlantis Encyclopaedia (Frank Joseph) Nw Page. 2005. 312p.                 donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)

9912. Forbidden Science  (ed.J.Douglas Kenyon) Bear. 2008. 310p                            donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9913. Britain:1 Million Yrs of Humans (R.Dinnis/C.Stringer). Nat.Hist.2014. 150p  donor: S.B.Cox (E6c)

9914. Homo Britannicus (Chris.Stringer) Penquin. 2006. 242p.                                 donor: S.B.Cox (E6c)

9915. The Origins of the British (Stephen Oppenheimer). Robinso. 2007. 628p.     donor: S.B.Cox (E6c) 

9916. The Tribes of Britain (David Miles). Phoenix. 2006. 495p                                 donor: S.B.Cox (E6c)

9917. The Singing Neanderthals (S.Mithen) Phoernix. 2005. 374p.                           donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9918. The Mind In The Cave (D. Lewis-Williams) Thames & Hudson. 2014. 320p.  donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9919. Lone Survivors (C.Stringer) St.Martins Griffin. 2012. 520p                              donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9920. Prehistory-Making of Modern Mind (C.Renfrew). Phoenix. 2007. 254p        donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9921. Adam’s Curse-Futures Without Males (B.Sykes)  Bantam. 2003. 310p          donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9922. Complete World Human Evolution (C.Strnger/P.Andrews) T&H. 2011 240p  donor: SBCox (E6b)

9923. Prehistory of the Mind (S.Mithen) Phoenix. 1996. 357p.                                  donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9924. Blood of the British Isles  (B.Sykes) Corgi. 2006. 363p                                     donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9925. The Unfolding of Language  (G.Deutscher). Arrow.  2005.  360p.                   donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9926. The Seven Daughters of Eve (B.Sykes). Corgi.  2001. 368p                           donor: S.B.Cox (E6b) 

9927. Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man (S.B.Martinez). Bear. 2013.  560p.           donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9928. Humans Who Went Extinct (C.Finlayson)  Oxford Univ.   2009. 271p             donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9929.  The Origin of Our Species (C.Stringer). Penquin. 2012. 33p.                           donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9930. Wessex A Literary Pilgrimage (P.Tolhurst). Black Dog. 1999. 264p                   donor: S.B.Cox (F)      

9931. Saxons, Vikings & Celts  (B.Sykes). Norton. 2006. 306p.                                 donor: S.B.Cox (E6c)  

9932. The Selfish Gene (R.Dawkins). Oxford Univ. 2006. 360p.                                 donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9933. Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind (Y.N.Harari) HarvillSeceker.2011.443p donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9934. The Neanderthal Legacy (S.Gooch). Inner Traditions.2008. 182p                   donor: S.B.Cox (E6b)

9935. Dream Culture of the Neanderthals (S.Gooch). Inner Traditions,2006. 262p. donor: SBCox (E6b)

9936. Vimana: Atlantis & India Aircraft (D.H.Childress) Adventures. 2004. 334p   donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)

9937. Genome-Autobiography of a Species (Matt Ridley). Harper. 1999. 344p.       donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9938. Thge Blind Watchmaker (Richard Dawkins) Penguin. 1986. 340p                     donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9939. The Greatest Show on Earth (R.Dawkins) Black Swan. 2009. 470p                   donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9940. The God Delusion (R.Dawkins) Black Swan. 2006. 463p                                     donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9941.   The Extended Phenotype (R.Dawkins) Oxford Univ. 1982. 314p                     donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9942. The Ancestors Tale -Dawn of Life (R.Dawkins). Phoenix. 2004. 685p               donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9943. The Atlantis Blueprint (R.Flem-Ath/C.Wilson).Time Warner. 2000. 415p    donor: S.B.Cox (U1b)    

9944. History Begin At Sumer (S.N.Kramer) Penn Univ. 1982. 387p.                      donor: S.B.Cox (D1c4)

9945. Babylon/Mesopotamia Civilisation Birth (P.Kriwaczek).Atlantic.2010.310p  donor:SBCox (D1c5)

9946. Rise & Fall of Babylon (A.Gill) Quercus. 2011. 192p.                                   donor: S.B.Cox (D1c5)

9947. Forbidden Archaeology (M.Cremo/R.L.Thompson) Torchlight. 1993. 910p    donor: S.B.Cox (V7)

9948. Technology of the Gods (D.H.Childress). Adventures Unlimited. 2000. 343p  donor: SB.Cox (V7)

9949. The Masonic Myth-Symbols,Rites,History (J.Kinney).Harper. 2005. 265p   donor: S.B.Cox (B1b8)

9950. Rise & Fall of the 3rd.Chmpanzee (J.Diamond) Vintage. 2002. 360p                donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9951. Domestication of the Human Species (P.J.Wilson) Yale Univ. 1988. 201p.  donor: S.B.Cox (E6)

9952. In The Blood;God,Genes & Destiny (S.Jones) Flamingo. 1996. 302p                donor: S.B.Cox (E9)

9953. Songs of Praise Nations Favourite Churches (A.Barr) Lion.2006. 128p              donor: S.B.Cox (F)

9954. The Cave Painters (G.Curtis) Anchor. 2007. 278p                                            donor: S.B.Cox (D4)

9955. Make Merry in Step and Song (B.Forbes) Llewellyn. 2009. 237p                     donor: S.B.Cox (F)

9956. Human Origins  (Y.Coppens). Hatchette. 2004. 180p                            donor: Mrs. P.B.J.Cox (E1a)

9957..The Aquatic Ape (E.Morgan) Souvenir. 1997. 2005                                 donor:Mrs. P.B.J.Cox(E1a)    

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 Update #95: 119 Items added period ending 23 May 2014.

9727. The Story of English (Joseph Percy) Michael O’Mara Books. 2012.192page           donor:S.B.Cox (F) 

 9728. Atlas of English Dialects (C.Upton/JDA Widdowson) Oxford Univ. 1996.193p      donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9729. History of Morris Dancing 1458-1750 (J.Forrest) John Clarke. 1999. 439pages.      donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9730. Pop Goes The Weasel- Secrets of Nursery Rhymes (A.Jack) Penquin. 2008. 202p  donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9731. Dictionary of British Place Names (Ad.Mills) Oxford Univ. 2011. 532p                  donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9732. Green Men &  White Swans-Pub Names Folkore (J.Simpson). Arrow. 2011. 354p. donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9733. Devonshire Folktales (M.Dacre) Histort Press. 2010. 190pages                                donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9734. Dialect in Wiltshire (M.Jones/P.Dillon) Wiltshire Council. 1987. 206pages.            donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9735  Finding Merlin-Truth Behind The Legend A(. Adrey) Mainstream. 2012. 380p.      donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9736. Talking For Britain–Journey Through Dialects (S.Elmes) Penquin. 2005. 334p       donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9737. Oxfordshire Folk Tales (K.Manwaring) History Press. 2012. 223pages                    donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9738. Discovering English Folk Dance (H.Rippon) Shire. 1975. 96pages.                         donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9739. March Hares & Monkeys’ Uncles (H.Oliver) Metro. 2008. 258pages.                      donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9740. The Book of English Place Names (C.Taggart) Ebury. 2011. 304pages.                   donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9741. The Green Man in Britain (F.& G.Doel) History Press. 2004. 162pages.                        donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9742. Medieval Folklore (C.Lindahl/J.McNamar/J.Lindow) Oxford. 200. 470p.                donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9743. Christmas Customs & Traditions (C.A.Miles) 1976. 400p.                             donor:S.B.Cox(F)

 9944. A History of Chippenham-Alfred to Brunel (R.Baines) C.C.S. 2009. 160p          donor:S.B.Cox (F)

9745. The Wiltshire Cotswolds (K.Watts) Hobnob. 2007. 290pages.                               donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9746. The Magic of Old Christmas (L.Raedish) Llewellyn. 2013. 281pages.                     donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9747. Tracing the History of Villages (T.Yorke) Countryside. 2001. 190pages.                 donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9748. Extracts From Meetinsg 1928-1945 (P.D.Ouspensky) Arkana. 1986. 218pages   donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9749. Letters From Russia 1919 (P.D.Ouspensky) Arkana. 1978. 59pages.                   donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9750. Psychology of Mans Possible Evolution (P.D.Ouspensky) Vintage. 1974.128p  donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9751. Eight Mummers Play (Alex Helm) Ginn. 1971. 72pages.                                          donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9752. A New Model of the Universe (P.D.Ouspensky) Kessinger. 56pages.                  donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9753. Cosmology of Man’s Possible Evolution (PD.Ouspensky) Acora.1989.111p.      donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9754. Basilica-Splendour & Scandal Building St.Peters (R.A.Scotti)Plume.2007.315p donor:S.B.Cox (B5b)

 9755. The Rosslyn Hoax? (Robert L.D.Cooper) Lewis. 2006. 383pages.                       donor:S.B.Cox (B5b)

 9756. The English Mummers & Their Plays (Alan Brody) Univ.Penslyvania.1969. 201p. donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9757. The English Village (Martin Wainwright) Michael o’Mara. 1992. 192pages.           donor:S.B.Cox (F)

 9758. Newton & Transmutation of Alchemy (P.A.Fanning) N.Atlantic. 2009. 247p.     donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)

 9759. Familiar To All:William Lilly & 17C.Astrology (D.Parker) Cape.1975. 272.p.   donor:S.B.Cox (B5b)

 9760. Tertium Organum (P.D.Ouspensky) Martinno. 2013. 338pages.                           donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9761. Meetings With Remarkable Men (G.Gurdjieff) Martinno. 210. 303p.                  donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9762. Reality of Being-Gurdjieff & $th.Way (J de Salzmann) Shambhala. 2011.312p. donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9763. In Search of P.D.Ouspensky (G.Lachamn)  Quest.2006. 341p                              donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9764. Philosophy As An Approach To Spirit (R.Seddon)Temple Lodge.2005.140p.      donor:SB.Cox (H4a)

 9765. The Philosophy of Freedom (R.Steiner) Amazon. 1916/2011.168pages.              donor:S.B.Cox (H4a)

 9766. Dont Forget- Ouspenskys Self Remembering (B.Hunter) Bardic.2006. 261p      donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9767. Rudolf Steiner- His Life & Work (Gary Lachman) Floris. 2007. 278p.                donor:S.B.Cox (H4a)

 9768. Reflections-The Master Remember (E.Courtenay) Prince of Stars.2004. 167p.   donor:S.B.Cox (H4b)

 9769. Self Observation- Awakening Consciousness (R.Hawk) Hohm.2009. 149p.       donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9770. Study of Man – 14 Lectures . (Rudolf Steiner) Steiner Press. 2004. 190p.            donor:S.B.Cox (H4a)

 9771. Discovering Gurdjieff (D.Phillpotts) Author House. 2008. 271p                          donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9772. Social & Political Science (Rudolf Steiner) Sophia. 2003. 214p.                          donor:S.B.Cox (H4a)

 9773. An Outline of Esoteric Science (Rudolf Steiner) Anthroposophic. 1995. 435p    donor:S.B.Cox (H4a)

 9774. Views From the Real World- Early Talks (Gurdjieff) E.P.Dutton.1976.276p.      donor:S.B.Cox (H4c)

 9775. Madame Blavatsky- A Biography.(G.Lachman) Tarchert/Penquin.2012.341p.    donor:S.B.Cox (H4b)

9776. On Nature,Technology & Modern Life (C.G.Jung) N.Atlantic.  2002.  232p.      donor:S.B.Cox (H5b)

9777. Archetypes & The Collective Unconscious (C.G.Jung) Stellar. 2013. 451p.        donor:S.B.Cox (H5b)

9778. Memories, Dreams, Reflections (C.G.Jung) Harper. 1995. 447p.                         donor:S.B.Cox (H5b)

 9779. Jung The Mystic (G.Lachman) Tarcher. 2013. 258p.                                            donor:S.B.Cox (H5b)

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   ___________________End of  Update 95= 119 erntries-________________

               Update #94: 113 Items added period ending 18 December 2013.

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9722. Dont Tell I Tell Ee – Somerset Dialect (R.Evans) Countryside. 2006. 96 pages       donor:S.B.Cox (F)  9723. A Bit of A Rumble- Dorset Dialect (A.Chedzoy) Countrysode. 2003. 96pages.       donor:S.B.Cox (F)  9724. Hampshire Folk Tales (M.O’Leary) History Press. 2011. 189pages                        donor:S.B.Cox (F) 

9725. Gloucestershire Folk Tales (A.Nanson) History Press. 2012. 192pages.                 donor:S.B.Cox (F) 

                9726. Dorset Folk Tales (T.Laycock) History Press. 2012. 192pages.                              donor:S.B.Cox (F)     

 ______________end of Update #94______________

Update #93: 112 Items added period ending 04 November 2013.

9516  The Quest For Hermes Trismegistus (Gary Lachman)    248pages. Floris. 2011 donor:Floris (B2b)

9517  Elizabethan England (Alison Plowden)              320pages. Readers Digest.1982. donor:SBCox (D7)

 9518. Capt.Cook & S.Pacific (Oliver Warner)                      153pages.Cassell. 1963. donor:SBCox (D7)  

9519  Tower Of London in History of Nation (A.L.Rowse)   280pages.BookClub.1972. donor:SBCox. (D7)  

9520  The Monmouth Rebellion (Bryan Little)             268pages.WernerLaurie.1956. donor:SBCox (D7)  

9521  Freedom In Arms- Leveller Writings (ed.A.L.Morton)    354pages.Wishart.1974. donor:SBCox. (D7)  

9522  Roman Britain (Keith Brannigan)                   320pages.Readers Digest.1980. donor:SBCox. (D7)  

9523  The Emperor Alexander II (E.M.Almedingen) 367pages.Bodley Head.1962. donor:S.B.Cox (D13)  

9524   Napoleon:The Last Phase (Lord Roseberry)  261p. A.LHumphreys.1900. donor:SBCox (D11)  

9525  A History of Rome (J.L.Myers)                        627pages. Rivingtons.1902. donor:S.B.Cox (D1b)  

9526 Freemasonry Long Lost Secrets/RennesLeChateau (Patrick Byrne) 247p.1997.don:D.Watts (B1a)  

9527  Victorian Cottages (Andrew Clayton-Payne) 160p.1993. Wiedenfield/Nicholson donor:SBC  (N)  

9528  Oceans-Hidden Environment (Keith Critchlow) 192p. 1972.George Phillip.  donor:SB Cox   (S7)  

9529  Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution(ed.Eddie Abrahams) 142p.1992 donor:Daniel Bray    (Db3)  

9530  Investigate World History                              Paragon. 2000. 255pages.  donor: Daniel Bray     (D2)  

9531  Meteorology Demystified (Stan Gibilisco) McGrawHill 2006. 324pages. donor:  Daniel Bray (S2)  

9532  Illustrated History of Britain (Martyn Bennett)   WHSmith. 1991.336pages. donor:Dan Bray (D7)  

9533  Black Holes (John Taylor)                       Fontana/Collins.1973.  190pages.  onor: S.B.Cox (S2b)  

9534  Encyclopaedia of Unsolved Mysteries (Colin/Damon Wilson) Robinson.2000.662p SBCox        (V1)  

9535  Bits of History You Missed (Justin Pollard) MacKay.2007. 267pages.        donor:Daniel Bray (D2)  

9536. Louis & Antionette (Vincent Cronin) 1974. Collin. 445pages.         donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (D11)  

9537. Catherine The Great (Z. Oldenbourg) 1967. Reprint Soc. 311p. donor:Betty J.Cherrington(  (D13)  

9538. World Mythology (Roy Willis ed) 1993. BCA. 320pages.               donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (C8)  

9539. How To Restore & Repair (Lorraine Johnson) 1984. Mermaid. 192p donor: B. J. Cherrington (G7)  

9540. Newton & The Scientific Renaissance (P.Aughton) W&N. 2003. 216pages.     donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  

9541. The Medici: Godfathers of Renaissance (P.Strathern) Vintage. 2007. 431p     donor:S.B.Cox (B4a)  

9542. Boyle:Between God & Science (M.Hunter) Yale. 2009. 367pages                 donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  

9543. Artistic Theory in Italey 1450-1600 (A.Blunt)  Oxford. 1962. 170pages       donor:S.B.Cox (B4a)  

9544. Hermetica-Lost Wisdom Pharaohs (T.Freke/P.Gandy).Tarcher.1999.145p.  donor:S.B.Cox (B2a)  

9545. His Invention So Fertile- Wren’s Life (A.Tinniswood)  Pimlico. 2002. 473p.  donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  

9546. Isaac Newton- The Last Sorcerer (M.White) Fourth Estate. 1998. 403p.      donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  

9547. The Invisible College (Robert Lomas) Corgi. 2003. 494pages                        donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  

9548. The Curious Life of Robert Hooke (L.Jardine) Harper. 2003. 438pages.       donor:S.B.Cox (B5a)  9549. Mysteries of the Rose Cross. Forgotten Books.2013. 134pages.                   donor:S.B.Cox (B2c)     9550. The Real History of the Rosicrucians (A.E.White). Forgotten. 2013. 446p. donor:S.B.Cox (B2c)  

9551. Rise & Fall of House of Medici (C.Hibbert) Penquin. 1979. 368pages.           donor:S.B.Cox (B6)  

9552. Sacred Geometry (N.Pennick) Turnstone. 1980. 160pages.                        donor:S.B.Cox (B1b11)  

9553. Arcane Doctrine of Alchemy (S.K.De Rola) T&H.. 1973. 128pages.             donor:S.B.Cox (B2a)  

9554. Secret Architecture of Washington (D.Ovason) Harper. 1999. 516pages.    donor:S.B.Cox (B5ab  

9555. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (G.F.Pico/T.More) Benediction.. 2008. 95p.     donor:S.B.Cox (B4a)  

9556. Oration on the Dignity of man (Mirandola) Gateway. 1956. 72pages.         donor:S.B.Cox (B4a)  

9557. Rise,Fall,Survival of Templars (S.Holst) Santorini.. 2013. 235pages.            donor:S.B.Cox (B1a)  

9558. Haptaplus- 7 Days of Creation (Pico Mirandola). Thrift. 1977. 128pages     donor:S.B.Cox (B4a)  

9559. Marsilio Ficino astrological writings (ed.A.Voss) N.Atlantic. 2006. 254p.       donor:S.B.Cox (Ba)  

9560. Indoor Gardening (ed.Annie Halpin) 1980. Rodale. 902pages.,    donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (G)  

9561. Horse in Art & History (ed. M.Seth-Smith) 128p.New Engl.Lib..1978 donor:B.J. Cherrington (D2)  

9562. History of Painting (D’Espezel & Focsa) Oldbourne. 240. 1961. donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (D2)  

9563. Private View (Roberston/Russell/Snowdon) Nelson. 298p. 1965. donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9564. Art Appreciated Made Simple (J.P.Sedgewick Jnr.) Doubleday.224p.. donor:  B. J. Cherrington (N)  

9565. The Visual Experience (Bates Lowry) Prentice Hall.1961.  270p.   donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9566  Sculpture of Ancient Egypt  (Acanthus series) Oldbourne.1960. 80p. donor: Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9567. Encyclopaedia World Art (Jay Jacobs) Crown.1975. 324pages.   .onor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N) 

9568. Peter Carl Fabergé (H.C.Banbridge) Spring.1949. 165pages.        donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9569. The Art of Rembrandt (Douglas Mannering) WHSmith..1981.80p  donor: Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9570. Civilisation (Kenneth Clark)  BBC/John Murray. 1969. 359pages. donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9571. Hermitage:Gothic & Renaissance Tapestries, Hamlyn 1965.230p. donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9572. Degas (Phoebe Pool) Spring. 1963. 92p.illustr.                               donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9573. George Innes (Elizabth McCausland) A.A.G. 1946. 87pages.          donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9574. Salvador Dali (Tate Gallery) 1980. 128pages. illustr.                       donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9575. The Modern Age (H.G.Evers) Methuen . 1967. 270pages.             donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9576. Golden Age Spanish Painting (R.A.A.) 1976. 116pages                  donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9577. Chronicle of the Cinema (ed.,Robyn Karney) DK . 1997. 941pages. donor:  Betty J. Cherrington (N)  

9578. Which book of Do It Yourself. Hodder Stoughton.. 1981. 319p.             donor:  B.J. Cherrington (G).  

9579. Fashion Drawing (Eliot Hodgkin) Chapman & Hall. 1932. 115pages. donor: Betty J. Cherrington (G)  

9580. Prints & Patterns (Idalia B. Littlejohns) Pitman.   1929. 90pages       donor: Betty J. Cherrington (G)  

9581. Simple Basketry (Mabel Roffey) Pitman. 1948. 91pages.               donor: Betty J. Cherrington (G)  

9582. Origami (Robert Harbin)   Coronet. 1968. 186pages.                         donor: Betty J. Cherrington (G)  

9583. How To Win Friends/Influence People. (D.Carnegie) Cedar 1953.247p. donor:B.J.Cherrington (P5)  

9584. How To Enjoy Life & Job (Dale Carnegie). Cedar. 1989. 207p.    donor: Betty J. Cherrington (P5)  

9585. The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman V.Peale) Cedar.1953. 301p. donor: B. J. Cherrington (P5)  

9586. Raw Energy (L.& S.Kenton) Guild. 1984. 288pages.                      donor: Betty J. Cherrington (P6)  

9587. Brewers Myth & Legend (ed.J.C.Cooper) B.C.A. 1992. 309pages. donor: Betty J. Cherrington (I)  

9588. Rome-Day One (Andrea Carandini). Princeton Univ. 2007.  172p   . donor: Princeton Univ  (D1b)  

9589. The Grandeur That Was Rome (J.C.Stobart)  Book Club. 1964. 322pages. donor: S.B.Cox (D1b)  

9590.Complete Manual; Fitness/Wellbeing. Macdonald. 1984. 312pages. donor: Betty J. Cherrington (P6)  

9591. Philips New World Atlas. Guild Publishing.  1986. 272pages.           donor: Betty J. Cherrington (Q)  

9592. The Paston Letters (ed.Norman Davis)  Oxford. 1963. 288pages.                     donor:S.B.Cox (D7)  

9593. Mountbatten (Philip Ziegler) Book Club. 1985. 786.pages                              donor: S.,B.Cox. (D7)  

9594. Trafalgar- The Nelson Touch (David Howth) World Books.1970. 256  . donor: S.,B.Cox. (D7)  

9595.The Great Hunger (Cecil.Woodham-Smith) NEL 1962. 429pages                 donor: S.,B.Cox. (D7c)  

9596. Miltant Suffragettes (Antonia Raeburn)  NEL.. 1973. 284pages.                     donor: S.,B.Cox. (H6)  

9597. The British Labour Movement (A.L.Morton/G.Tate) L&W. 1973. 314p.          donor: S.,B.Cox. (H7)  

9598. Tiberius (Ernest Mason) Panther.1960. 123pages.                                       donor: S.,B.Cox. (D1b)  

9599. Soviet Marxism (Herbert Marcuse) Pelican. 1958. 21pages.                         donor: S.,B.Cox. (H7)  

9600. Serbia Since 1989 (ed Ramet/Pavlokovic) UWP. 2006.  446p. donor: Univ.Washington Press (K1c)  

9601. Rose Cross & Age of Reason (C.McIntoshh). 2011. 210p. donor: State Univ.New YorkPress (B2c)  

9602. Ancient Iraq Civilisations (B.R.&K.P.Foster) Princeton. 2009. 297p. donor:Princeton Univ. (D1c2)  

9602. The Last Pharaohs- Ptolomies (J.G.Manning) 2010. 264pages.  donor: Princeton univ.Press  (D1c)  

9603. Complete Sun Sign Book (B. Fitzwalter) Aquarian. 1987. 511p.         donor:B.J.Cherrington (J13)  

9604. History of Astronomy (C.A.Reichen) L.A.L.  1964. 212pages.                       donor:S.B.Cox (S2b)  

9605. History of Rockets & Space (C.Canby)  L.A.L.  1964.  212pages                   donor: S.B.Cox (S2b)  

9606. Monuments of Civilization-Egypt (C.Barocas) ReadersDigest. 1972 188p donor:S.B.Cox (D1c2)  

9607. The End of The West (David Marquand) Princeton Univ Press. 2011. 204p  . donor:Princeton (K1a)  

9608. Medieval People (Eileen Power) Univ.Paperbacks.. 1924. 210pages.               donor: S.B.Cox (D5)  

9609. An Essay on Liberation (Herbert Marcuse) Pelican. 1969. 93pages.                 donor:S.B.Cox  (H2)  

9610. Founding Gods/Inventing Nations Antiquity to Islam Princeton. 2012. 179p.    donor: Princeton (C8)  

9611. Life & Times of Nikita Kruschev (R.Macgregor Hastie) Panther. 1959. 158p. donor: S.B.Cox  (D6)  

9612. Basic Christianity (John R.W.Stott) IVF. 1967. 144pages.                               donor: S.B.Cox  (H1)  

9613. Krishnamurti: The Impossible Question Penguin. 1972. 201pages.                  donor: S.B.Cox  (H1)  

9614. Selected Essays & Articles John Berger Pelican. 1972. 250pages.                   donor: S.B.Cox  (H1)  

9615. Reminiscences Cuban Revolutionary War: Che Guevara. Pelican.1968.272p. donor:SBCox (H1)  

9616. Are The Russians Ten Feet Tall? (W.Kewller) Thames&Hudson. 1961. 420p. donor:SBCox  (D13)  

9617. The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist (R.Tressell) Granada. 1965. 587.     donor:SBCox     (H6)  

9618. Cromwell (Arthur Bates). Sphere. 1970. 142pages.                                         donor:SBCox    (D7)   

9619. Alchemy & Mysticism (Alexander Roob) Taschen. 2011. 575pages.                 donor:SBCox (B2a)   

9620. The Hiram Key Revisited (C.Knighgt & A. Butler). Watkins. 2010 306pages. donor:SBCox (B1/10)  

9621. The Templar Revelation (L.Pickett/C.Prince). Touchstone.  1997. 432p.       donor:SBCox (B1a)  

9622. Pythagoras:His Lives & Legacy (K.Ferguson) Icon. 2008. 366p                      donor:SBCox (B3a)  

9623. Signature of the Celestial Spheres (H.Warm) Sophia. 2010. 390pages             donor:SBCox (B3a)  

9624. Rudolf Steiner (R.Wilkinson) Temple Lodge 2001. 247pages.                        donor:SBCox (H2a/b)  

9225. Alchemy-The Great Work (C.Gilchrist) Aquarian. 1984. 160pages.                 donor:SBCox (B2a)   

9626. Rise of Alchemy 14th.C England (J.Hughes) Contiuum. 2012. 270pages.          donor:SBCox (B2a)  

9627. Alchemy (Titus Buckhart) Fons Vitae. 1997. 206pages                                     donor:SBCox (B2a)  

9628. Individual & Cosmos in the Renaissance  (ER.Cassirer) Dover. 2000. 199p     donor:SBCox (B4a)   

9629. Eighteenth C.Pastel Portraits (V.& L. Adair) Gifford. 1971. 203pages           donor:P.B.J.Cox (G1)  

9630. Quadrivium-Number/Geometry/Music/Cosmology.Wooden.2010.410p         donor:SBCox (B3a)  

9631. The Geometry of Art and Life (M.Ghyka) Dover. 1977. 174pages                 donor:SBCox (B3a)

 ______________ end of Update #93______________