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Born and brought up in the West Country of England he  studied art, art history and history at University graduating with an honours degree. He was a British Council Research Scholar in Romania for a year in the 1970's. He then returned to the UK where he studied for and obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (teaching qualification).

He has taught in most sectors of British education including Technical Colleges; English As a Foreign Language; Grammar School; Comprehensive Schools; and Public School. He directed summer schools for foreign students for many years.

For over 20 years he was a professional artist working from his own studio in a rural Berkshire location and having many one man exhibitions throughout Great Britain. His main themes were the cycles of time and rhythm of the seasons in the modern and prehistoric farming year, creating paintings, reliefs, large sculpture and miniature water colours. He frequently visited and studied many prehistoric sites in across England and Wales as part of this. He was interviewed about his art in many local radio shows across Britain.

Some of his art works are in private collections, but most are in the private Trust archives in Wiltshire. At the present time he does not undertake or agree to any exhibitions of reproductions.

He organised student apprenticeship schemes and scholarships at his art studio, and also encouraged professional artists to visit schools.,

For some years he founded and ran a charitable society/organisation helping people to learn about traditions, citizenship, nature harmony, European history, spiritual enhancement. This included many teaching/camping expeditions  to Dartmoor.

For several years he was a Director/Board of Managment Members of The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), and wrote several articles on copyright law (incl. for 'The Artists Newsletter', and 'The Law Magazine').

His passion for history is reflected in the many books and over 500 articles has has written on heritage, history, folklore, architecture, customs and traditions, ancient sites, Freemasonry

ancient religions spirituality and philosophy.

He is currently writing:

    Memoirs of Life in 1950's Rural West Country;

    A book on the Siege of Reading 1642;

    A series of articles on North Wiltshire History,   

    Short articles on the history of the neighbourhood where he lives..

Additionally he writes a monthly article for the Parish magazine alternating between local history and wildlife; and has launched a local wildlife study group for the nearby villages. He also founded and runs his local Neighbourhood Watch (from 2011) and in 2014 set up a local Wildlife Group.

He now lives in rural seclusion in Wiltshire with the exception of his voluntary work in the local community and with Wiltshire Police. He does not give interviews or attend any public functions

He is a member of The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) and the Authors Licensing and Copyright Society (ALCS) in whom protection of his copyrights are vested.