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Whilst donations may be received at any time as a general contribution with no specific designation in mind, for those wishing to give to a specific project in keeping with their own ideals or preferences the following Projects may be of assistance:


1.     Founder: to assist or support the Director /Founder in his retirement/old age with material assistance such as heating, mobility aids etc.

 2.     Library: To extend, conserve, house, and maintain the Collection, and likewise the Founder's writings etc.

 3.     Publishing: To help finance or entirely publish an item of the Founder's writings.

 4.     Lecturing: To help finance or organise public lectures by the Founder.

 5.     Scholar: To finance a Scholar at various times to assist the Founder in aspects of the Trust, or to undertake specific research or programmes.

 6.     School/Camps: To support via transport, or accommodation, or finance an annual summer school or camp to a remote landscape wherein aspects of the ethos of the Trust shall be the curriculum and activities thereof.

 7.     Research: To offer grants to scholars to undertake research on subjects etc within the Trust's subject remit.