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The writings of Stephen B. Cox comprise are in three distinct forms: The writings also include philosophy/ethics

 1.       Books/Theses

2.       Booklets/studies/training/teaching. 

3.       Essays.

4.      Websites.

5.      Teachings & Guides

6.      Lectures (in two forms:(a)  Masonic and (b) Other

Essays by Stephen B. Cox:

The Trust shall also collate & protect & conserve the nearly 2000 essays etc he has written on such subjects as:

Folklore;   Legends;   Folk-customs;  History; Mythology; Philosophy; Spirituality; Life guides;  Ancient sites;  Ancient religions; Heritage. 

Books/Theses by Stephen B. Cox:


Reading Siege 1643 and the Civil War

The Battle of Dyrham 577


The English Long Bow 

Freyr's Oceanic Western Kingdom                             

Western Martial Arts                                               

Baelder's Book of Pagan Festivals                             

The Third Reich Runic Revival                                   


Greek Sports & Military Training                              


Blood- A Vampyric Bibliography                               

Englefield - A Pastoral Itinerary Through History       

The Fly Agaric                                        

The Four Great Celtic Festivals          

The Four Solar Festivals 

Wayland Wonder Smith of th Gods

The Berserkers

Baelder's Book of Runic Guidance 1 

Swastika Lost Sign of Freemasonry

The Thule Society 

Runic Body-Work 

Norse Gods Dictionary       

Nature, Magick and Being   

The Chronicles of Timon