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He was initiated into Englsih Freemasonry in 1991. During that time he served  his Lodge in in all the officerships (except for Inner Guard and Junior Warden because he was promoted ahead of sequential post). Unusually, heI also served as Woshipful Master of the lodge for two separate year-long periods of office (1999-2000) and 2004-2005), and in between those two rulings Immediate Past Master,  and then Assistant Director of Ceremonies for two years
Since leaving his mother lodge in 2005 for financial reasons only, he has continued his private academic researches in Freemasonry. Also each day he make some study of the Emulation Ritul of Craft Masonry. 
Masonic Library
He has also built up a Masonic section in his huge library (comprising several thousand books).  So far his Masonic collection consists of approximately 300 books and manuscripts.
He  continues to add to this.
Lectures & Writings:
He also engages in research to write what may one day become new lectures or books. However, the lectures which he has written so far include:
1. The Solar Passage in the Lodge.
2. The Mason's Apron
3. Salutes and Levels.
4. Elias Ashmole.
5. The North-East Corner.

New Items:
6. A new lecture: Squares. Levels and Perpendiculars was recently completed and was given its first delivered in July.
7. He is am presently  writing the next new lectures entitled:  The Rough and Smooth Ashlar.

8. He wrote a detailed booklet for guidance of Stewards and the duties and how to make their initial progress and learning in the Lodge.
9. He also composed an extensive Obituary on the life of one of the founders of his Lodge, which I delivered at his funeral.
He continues to remain in regular contact with his Mother Lodge, and its Secretary and to receive all  its news and word on its development, events, classes of instruction and meetings.
Other webites mentioning his Masonic writings: