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 There will be a Council or Association of Friends/supporters who wish to be associated with the Trust and the work thereof and wish to aid/support/promote/finance it.

 The Council and its Members can:

1.     Arrange visits/excursions and activities in the spirit of the Trust & the philosophy of Stephen B. Cox.

 2.     Arrange Charity Events/previews.

 3.     Attend an occasional private  and exclusive lectures by Stephen Cox

 4.     Attend an occasional exclusive  guided tour by him.

 5.     Organise a Newsletter.

 6.     Receive book review by him.

 Responsibilities of Members are as follows:

 1.     To subscribe an annual membership fee.

 2.     To donate books etc to the Library.

 3.     Support/help finance any one of the Projects.

 4.     Encourage understanding/support for the Trust & the work of S.B.Cox


The Council cannot:

1.     Vote to change or have any say with regards to the Trust, its work or articles of association.

2.     May not attend meetings of the Trust (except if the Trustees determine that a rep. of Council may attend ex-officio).

3.     Does not represent the official view or policy of the Trust.

4.     Any publicity or promotion should only b released in consultation with the Trust.