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The current projects/activities are:

1. Collation & location of all Art Works (58 located and collated as of December 2010)

2. Collation & location of several hundred Articles

3. Updating Library subjects/categories/ installing subject shelf dividers

4. Collation of Library entries 2005-2010, and then entry of new arrivals awaiting registration.

5. Maintenance and development of the three  Websites: (Redlands History; Stephen B. Cox Trust;  Stephen B. Cox). Then the establishment of the new website: North Wiltshire Histories.

6. Additional development of Documents pertaining to a Constitution or a Trust Deed.

7. Conservation& repair of art works, due to inappropriate storage & location since 1992.


8. Rewriting and transcribing of past Lectures


9.New Works/Writings

English History

Memoirs of Lfe in 1950's rural West Country England


Folklore & Mythology

Spirituality & Philosophy

10. Relaunching of Book Reviews of books by our Donor Publishers will proceed in 2013.


Projects to follow in the future (2013-2016+) are

10. Seeking to obtain a pc Printer multi function scanner/printer/copier/fax with duplex facility.

11. Once a printer/copier has been obtained will be to print a master/reference hard copy of Memoirs; Redlands History items; Poetry;  Lectures;  Folklore; History articles. Folklore articles.

12. Photographing of all Art Works.

13. The Library will start to expand again with new donations/subscribers/publishers.

14. Establishment of a Society of Friends of the Trust.


15. Printing of books from the archive Re-release of same.


16. Seeking a publisher for The West Country Memoirs. Getting said work published


 17. Organising of


a)    Lectures and


b)    Exhibitions



18. Workshops, Summer schools etc