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The Board of Trustee shall be established to advise and assist the Founder in the following:


  1.     To  protect all property, copyright, ownership, and estate, of the Trust.


 2.     To protect all aspects of the Trust envisioned by Stephen Cox.


 3.     To enact the same.


 4.     To meet at least once a year to enact business of the Trust and to receive and comment upon a Report from the Founder at least once a year


  5.     To ensure that the Library and his art works and writings etc are properly housed.


 6.     To protect his copyrights.


  7.     To see ways of strengthening the financial basis of the Trust without detriment to the goals and ethos and vision of the Founder.


 8.     To remunerate certain out of pocket expenses


  9.    Where finances permit to appoint a Director, or  Guardian to act as Curator manager to run day to day aspects of the Trust. This may be a paid position, such remuneration being within the income of the Trust and which shall not cause any debts or weakening of the Trust financial situation.


 10.    Other staff may be appointed (eg Education Officer, Conservator, etc) under the same conditions as above.


  11.      The Trustees shall seek means of ensuring that the Library etc is properly house and that this building may also become a research centre of some kind.   It shall purchase a suitable property for this.


 12.     The Trustees shall record all transactions, business, meetings in Minutes and keep records of such.


  13.     To ensure that the Trust and its Estate, copyrights, property, etc are not broken up and sold.


 14.      To maintain a Scholarship.


  15.      To enact a Grant or Award.


  16.   To obtain a permanent home for the said collections and future work of the Trust. 


  17.  To invest such disposable monies or income as may best aid the goals and aims and status and security of the Trust.