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Founding Trustees

The Founding Trustees are:

    Niall Arthurs

    Stephen Cox

    Jason Gregory

    Mark Wallbank

The Trustees will not receive any fees or remuneration in any way whatsoever. They will act in an advisory capacity only and will not carry out the work of the Trust.

Each of the Trustees was chosen and invited by Stephen Cox. Each has specialist skills and knowledge which will assist the Trust. Each have known The Founder for a considerable time in a personal and/or professional capacity in different stages of his life's work.

Each will communicate with The Founder in person, by phone and by email from time to time. Additionally, they will meet together to transact the business of the Trust at least once a year.

The Trustees will not be liable for the Trust financially or otherwise, since they will operate as advisers within the remit of the Constitution of the Trust's founding and agree to the responsibilities of Trustees.

Trustees will not receive any payment. They  will not have access to its funds. Neither will they be beneficiaries of the Trust. 


The Founder will compile a Report for the Trustees a minimum of twice and a maximum of four times a year. This enables the advisory work of the Board to proceed without constant necessity for meetings. Each Trustee offer advice/makes suggestions regarding the Report. Additionally specific items of each Report are can be raised for the Agenda of Board meetings.

Trustee Feedback

Each Trustee may raise items for the Agenda of the Annual Meeting. 

Each Trustee may also make formal proposals, or offer ideas or suggestions for the running of the Trust or its development at any time to the Founder.

A Trustee may opt to volunteer to carry out a specific project or task with the agreement of the Board.


There is no maximum period of tenure as Trustee, or retirement by rotation. Each shall enjoy the support of the others.