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"The land itself seemed alive with a spirit of its own and that of our ancestors. And in reality I feel that is how it actually is. Certainly we must bring to our heritage and history a rationale and scientific process to glean more knowledge and make connections and widen our perspective.  But it must not be a reductionism for then we amputate a part of our very being for folklore and myth and legend are but expressions of a history in epic and mysterious forms of a people and its land." 

SB Cox 2009.

The main areas of England which have inspired his writings and research are: the Cotswold Hills and South Gloucestershire; Dartmoor and the South West Peninsula;  Dorset & Hardy Country; and Berkshire.

The subjects he is currently writing about are as follows:

a) The Cotswolds & South Gloucestershire


1. The Giants Vincent and Gorum.
2. The headless horseman of Warmley.
3. The full-moon midnight walks of Neptune's statue.
4. Hanham Mount.
5. John Wesley and George Whitfield.
6. William Champion.
7. Pirate tales of the Llandoger Trow.
8. The Cock Road Gang.
9. Sally on the Barn.

b)  Dartmoor & the South West
1. Brutus the Trojan and the founding of Albion
2. The Giants of Albion
3. Lyonesse
4. Hy Brasil
5. Bladud

c)  North Wiltshire
He is now also writing (as of 2012) extensively on the legends, folklore, customs and history of North Wiltshire in England. Over 62 subjects have been researched and 30 articles so far completed. Many more have been scheduled for research and writing ion the next 5 years.

He also writing (as of July 2014) a monthly article on local history and folklore which is published  in the parish magazine of the area where he lives.