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Regulations for the Meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be as follows:


1.     The Board of Trustees shall until further notice meet once yearly.

2.     Each Trustee shall receive an Agenda and a copy of the previous Minutes at least 1 month prior to the next Meeting.

 3.     The month of the Meetings shall be provisionally agreed for each year in advance.

 4.     The date and time of the next Meeting shall be confirmed by agreement .

 5.     A meeting is in quorum if 60% of Trustees are present.

 6.     If less than this number then a meeting may proceed but the Meeting can only make recommendations which can either be: (a) put for confirmation by email or post or (b) deferred until the next Meeting.

 7.     All Meetings shall have full Minutes recorded and these shall be available to the Trustees and Director.

 8.     A brief and edited  Resumé of each Meeting shall be posted on the Trust website.

 9.     Otherwise the proceeding of the Meeting are confidential

 10.   One of the Meetings each year shall also present Accounts of the Trust.

 11.   Trustees may invite an Observer or a Specialist or other relevant party to attend to sit in on a part of a Meeting relevant to that for which the observer has been invited.

 12.    In his life time Stephen B. Cox shall attend all meetings of the Board and it shall not be quorate without him. Thereafter a Director or Officer of the Trust who is either Voluntary or Paid shall attend all Meetings of the Board.

13.      He/she shall also give a Report to each Meeting.