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The Estate which the Trust is charged with conservation and promotion comprises several elements, all pertraining to his life's work and philosophy.  Namely these are:

 Section A

The Art works he has created (paintings and sculptures).

Section B

The Library.

Music Collection.

Section C

his many Books/Theses 1991-2005.

Cinderella Art & Typographic Man (a thesis)

Section D

Hundreds of past essays on many subjects in the following categories:

Folklore, Legends & Traditions


Spirituality & Philosophy 


Courses, Programmes, Teachings 

Ancient religions


Section E

      New writings, many subjects (completed & in progress) in these categories:

Freemasonry (articles & lectures)

Kingswood Folklore

Kingswood History

Folklore, Legends & Traditions


Spirituality & Philosophy

Redlands History

Other Lectures  

Section F:

New books (completed & in progress):

Autobiography (vol.1)

The Battle of Dyrham 577 (book)

Cannons on the Sabbath (Reading Siege 1643 & the Civil War: book)

Life in 1950's Rural Gloucestershire (memoirs)

Tales of Mice (book) 

Section G

New Photography.